OpTic H3CZ demands move away from online CoD for Modern Warfare CDL season

H3CZ speaking on the OpTic podcastYT: OpTic Nation

The climax of the Vanguard Call of Duty League season is fast approaching, but legend of the scene H3CZ has demanded major changes to next season’s format, specifically calling for an end to online matches in the Modern Warfare 2 season.

The third Call of Duty League season is rapidly coming to a close, with only August’s CoD Champs remaining in pros’ calendars.

After that, it will be transitioning to Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2, a title expected to be the only Call of Duty game for at least two years.

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As such, fans, players and owners have been sharing their thoughts of what needs to change going into the CDL’s fourth season since it replaced the CWL. For legend of the scene H3CZ, there’s one thing in particular that has to go for the MW2 season.

H3CZ slams CDL: “How can you make it worse?”

Speaking on episode 83 of the OpTic Podcast, H3CZ strongly criticized the League for continuing to force teams to play online Call of Duty, despite being a multimillion dollar competition.

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Online CoD has long been established as less consistent than LAN competition, where ping, lag and other variables do not have nearly the same effect.

“But, I mean, in this league, how can you make it f**king worse?” he asked. “We’re playing online Call of Duty, still to this f**king day. We are over-practising… We’re going into season f**king four of this thing. If next year there is a single thought or mention or ‘we should do anything online related’, my hand is gonna be raised and I’m gonna say no immediately.”

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Timestamp: 23:22

He continued: “I have no patience [for it]. I just don’t want to. It doesn’t work though, the viewership doesn’t work… You know what else Scump? Who the f**k cares how much it costs? We’re the ones paying for it, not the League… So if we as an ownership group want this to not be online we have a hard say on that… How is it that we went backwards from MLG?”

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Scump and former CoD pro FormaL echoed H3CZ’ comments, although the OpTic Texas President did accept that others in the aforementioned ownership group do not agree with his position.

Whether the CDL take on board H3CZ’ advice is another matter but many fans will doubtless agree with the legend of Call of Duty esports.