OpTic owner H3CZ demands Activision let CDL teams create their own camos

H3CZ next to OpTic Texas CDL skinYouTube: OpTic Nation / Activision

OpTic Gaming owner Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez has demanded Activision let Call of Duty League teams design their own in-game cosmetics after an “insulting” CoD Vanguard drop left a lot to be desired.

It’s safe to say CoD Vanguard hasn’t had the best run when it comes to CDL cosmetics. First, it was the default team skins in Season 1 that copped a huge wave of backlash. Some pro players even thought the developers were “trolling” due to their lackluster appearance.

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Now, weapon camos have been in the spotlight for similar reasons. Since their unveiling in February, many have been critical of the singular weapon design that boasts different colors for each of the 12 CDL teams.

Not only were the designs considered “offensive” by H3CZ, but they even put OpTic’s name down wrong in the store, leveling the biggest team in CoD as ‘Texas OpTics’ instead.

As a result, the OpTic owner has now called for Activision to hand over control: “If they’re not gonna try, let us try,” he said on the latest OpTic Podcast. “I am insulted”

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OpTic Texas CDL camo VanguardActivision
A look at the ‘Texas OpTics’ CDL camo in CoD Vanguard.

Rather than unique designs for each franchise, all CDL teams received the exact same weapon camo with different colors. This is the main point of frustration.

“If Activision gave us the template to do it, not only are we offloading work from them, essentially doing all the work they’re supposed to be doing, but we’re doing them a favor.”

With every squad handed control of their own designs, H3CZ believes it would become “an immediate competition”. Every single team would be looking to sell their fans the “dopest” designs possible, he argued.

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Instead, a single design is all fans have this year. As a result, the OpTic owner is already anticipating poor sales when all is said and done with the 2022 season.

“[CDL skins] didn’t really sell that much,” he said, impersonating Activision. “No sh*t, you gave us a f**king acid trip throw up as a skin.”

“Thank you for buying the skins,” he then said to loyal Green Wall fans. “You’re not necessarily buying them because they’re cool. You’re buying them because you’re supporting a bigger picture.”

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H3CZ discusses OpTic’s CDL camos at the 6:50 mark below.

Imploring those in charge to “let [OpTic] do it,” H3CZ demanded not only the “opportunity to be creative,” but the chance to give their “best effort for fans.”

After creating OpTic’s Halo Infinite skins from scratch, he certainly favors the manual “process” over that of the CDL’s. Whether things improve during Vanguard’s cycle remains to be seen.

For now, H3CZ and competitive CoD fans alike will have to hope next year’s release is a step up in this department.

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