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OpTic good luck charm? H3CZ buying team “$7K” custom Yeezys for CoD Champs

Published: 25/Jul/2021 23:11

by Jaret Kappelman


OpTic Chicago CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez may have found the team’s good luck charm. OpTic clinched their first top seed for a major this season and it all may be thanks to H3CZ letting star player Seth ‘Scump” Abner take his shoes.

Things started to turn in favor of the CDL team when Scump was spotted wearing a pair of the Yeezy Foam Runners. While wearing them, OpTic went on to beat Atlanta FaZe for the first time this season and ended FaZe’s 12-game win streak.

It didn’t stop there, Scump and the rest of the Chicago team would go on to defeat the London Royal Ravens and lock up the first seed in Group A. This is the first time this season the team achieved such a feat.


These Yeezys have taken Twitter by storm and all because of Scump playing like his Infinite Warfare form. Before wearing the shoes the SMG slayer had a 1.01 K/D, but in Stage 5 “Foam Runner Scumper” has a 1.11 K/D.

H3CZ dropping big money on good luck charm

The CDL team is looking for any sort of boost to push them over the top and lift a trophy this season. In his latest YouTube vlog, the OpTic owner showed viewers a clip telling Scump he was going to buy the whole team a custom pair of the Foam Runners — which have been the team’s spirit animal as of late.


(For mobile users, segment starts at 2:20)

In the clip you can hear H3CZ saying he is going to buy the whole team a pair to walk around “comfortably at Champs.” He also added they wouldn’t be your normal Foam Runners, they would be “OpTic custom ones, like f**king $7,000.”

These shoes have been the hot topic of OpTic’s success in Stage 5 and H3CZ joined in on the fun tagging his star player on Twitter after the team locked up the first seed.

OpTic is still looking for their first tournament win of the season and maybe it could all be on the back of an… interesting pair of shoes. While some say the kicks just look like expensive Crocs, there’s no denying the team’s recent form since the King started rocking them.


The CDL Championship is scheduled to begin August 19, so H3CZ has some time to work out a custom pair with Adidas.