OpTic Gaming’s Scump Gives Insight on Retiring — “I Still Think About It Everyday.”

Call of Duty professional player for OpTic Gaming, Seth ‘ Scump’ Abner was asked about retiring from the CoD scene in at CWL Anaheim, and he admitted that he thinks about it every day.

Fans that follow Scump closely will know that there was a time during the CWL season that he was spending a lot of time on other games like Fortnite and this led to rumors about his commitment to CoD: WWII.

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Those rumors were put to rest after roster changes to the OpTic Gaming team, and the new squad appears to be hitting their stride as they are second in the Division B standings after four weeks of play.

For popular players like Scump, the temptations of exploring full-time content creation or switching games are always on the horizon.

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At the heart of the decision not to retire is his love for competing and despite the lack of excitement to play public matches, the competitive aspect keeps him engaged.

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When asked about the prospect of expanding his YouTube platform and changing career paths he mentioned how hard it would be to stop competing.

“I still think about it everyday. I’m going to have to make some decisions coming up here soon. But, like I said, I’ll always love competing and its gonna be hard to drag me away from that, so.”

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In the same interview, he also mentions that no matter what game he is playing it is the competition he enjoys.

While it is possible that he could make the change, it is far from a certainty.

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