OpTic Gaming’s Crimsix reveals more on the Call of Duty Gentlemen’s Agreements

OpTic Gaming’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter has shed a little more light on the Gentlemen’s Agreements used by professional Call of Duty players.

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The Gentlemen’s Agreements, or GA’s as they’ve come to be known, have been somewhat of a controversial topic to start the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 year off.

Some pro teams have complained about certain weapons being used, whilst others have debated getting rid of specialists such as Ruin and his Gravity Slam ability in the Search and Destroy game mode.

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On Episode 11 of Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez’ Eavesdrop Podcast, Crim adds to the GA discussion by laying out what it is and how he is trying to change the ruleset with every vote.

“The Gentlemen’s agreement, the GA, is pretty much us agreeing to play with our own rules,” Crimsix says. “We agree to not use a Reactor Core, we agree to not use things that are literally game breaking.

“I agree that at some points they go overboard but right now there’s a lot of people trying to get rid of everything and then there’s people trying to keep as much as possible.”

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DexertoCrimsix is looking to recapture glory in Black Ops 4 after a down year in WW2.
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He adds: “I’m trying to keep as much as possible due to the fact that I know specialists and I know equipment is very entertaining to viewers.

“At the end of the days, viewers are everything. They determine pretty much everything. If this is to succeed or fail, it’s because of the viewers,” Crim says.

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“I don’t want the game to be dumbed down to the point where it was in WW2 where it was like everything that was considered cheap or fun to use was out.”

(Timestamp for mobile viewers for below video of 22:22) 

Crimsix then lays out the process of the GA’s, in a similar manner to how his teammate Seth ‘Scump’ Abner did on a recent stream.

He also reveals that there are players who will use things that are GA’d no matter what and if that happens, then other teams will use everything possible.

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“It’s like we’re on the edge of a cliff,” Crim describes. “If one team decides they want to use something and everyone else wants it gone, then we might as well all jump off and we’re playing a standard rule set with barbed wire, guardians and reactor cores.”

Crimsix and the new OpTic Gaming line-up are gearing up for CWL Las Vegas which will take place on December 7 through to December 9. The Greenwall have been drawn in Pool D for the competition alongside Spylce, G2, an open bracket team and a winner of the play-in bracket.

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Disclaimer: Hector Rodriguez is a minority shareholder in Dexerto Ltd.