Call of Duty

OpTic Gaming's Crimsix Hits Out at Gentlemen's Agreements Within the Professional Call of Duty Scene

by Ross Deason


OpTic Gaming’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter has expressed his frustration with constantly changing rules in Call of Duty: WWII after players decided to make yet another “gentleman’s agreement”.

The term “gentleman’s agreement” when applied to the competitive Call of Duty scene means that a weapon, item, perk, or any other in-game item has been unofficially banned by the professional players.


This happens when the players all agree that the weapon or item in question is too overpowered to be fair but the CWL has not yet officially banned it. For instance the M1 Garand was only officially banned by the CWL on May 11th despite players agreeing not to use it for months.

While this system of gentlemen's agreements seems like a good idea on paper, it seems to have caused more trouble than good since the release of Call of Duty: WWII as the top players rarely seem to be able to agree with one another about what should be banned.


This has already caused a number of public disagreements between the professionals and that shows no sign of changing after a new agreement was made on May 13th which saw the new ITRA burst rifle and the Long Barrel attachment for the BAR get banned.

In a Reddit thread discussing the decision, Crimsix made it clear that he is fed up with “waking up every week to a completely different rule set” and stated that guns like the BAR need to be banned or completely in.


Crimsix also seems to be tired of “vocal/influential” players and teams completely changing the rules and meta based off of their personal preferences for a certain weapon.

Having never got the opportunity to see the ITRA in action at a major Call of Duty event, some fans are under the impression that the professional players have jumped the gun slightly with this new gentleman’s agreement.

On the other hand, numerous community members have also pointed out that the ITRA’s dominance online should only improve in a LAN setting with better hit detection for the burst fire.