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OpTic Gaming spark controversy after mocking “rigged” Call of Duty League

Published: 19/Aug/2020 21:12 Updated: 22/Aug/2020 20:43

by Theo Salaun


Modern Warfare and the Call of Duty League’s inaugural season have both been criticized by players and fans alike, but OpTic Gaming Los Angeles may be the first organization to publicly join in on the fun.

The $4.6 million Call of Duty League Playoffs are finally here but the talk of the town took a totally different tone before the first matches were even played.


Ahead of their opening-round elimination match on the first day of the CDL Playoffs, OpTic Gaming set Twitter ablaze with a video mocking the CDL and Modern Warfare for conspiring to rig the league through issues like ping and sporadic spawns.

ogla cdl champs tweet
Twitter, @OpTicGaming
OpTic Gaming’s now-deleted Tweet.

In the video, OGLA refers to the CDL as an “organization that seeks to break the dreams of all those in its path,” before elaborating that whether through the “issues with ping” or “spawns on the map,” the league will “decide which team should be in the lead.”


Ultimately, it feels like the Green Wall just wanted to know “what the f**k is going on?” Unsurprisingly, like the fallout from their last controversial Tweet about the Chicago Huntsmen, the team has now deleted the tweet and backtracked heavily. 

The video, which they describe as “the last video in our satirical series,” was subject to unrelenting memes and controversy from fans, players, and other teams. In an effort to further clarify their intentions, they have given in and let everyone know that “it was meant to be a joke.”


As for community response, it has been…mixed, to say the least. While many continue to unleash frustration stemming from the original Immortals-OGLA buyout and compare this content to H3CZ’s OpTic standards, various professionals in the scene have simply chimed in to joke about a possible incoming fine.


The Seattle Surge’s Sam ‘Octane’ Larew, a player very familiar with lambasting the CDL, memed about a fine while caster, Chris ‘Puckett’ Puckett, joked that the team would both lose their first-round match and get fined, making them the only side to lose money this postseason.

The Mutineers couldn’t resist poking fun at their LA counterparts either; as one of the league’s best-run social media accounts, it seemed only a matter of time until the Floridians also chimed in with a meme of their own.

Now that it’s deleted, a fine is likely unlikely, but the roasts still ran amok, and even under OpTic’s tweets explaining the joke and backtracking on their original post, many members of the community, including former member ‘Aaron Create,’ continue to express their frustrations about the org’s decision to post the video.



The Green Wall will hope that their performance at the CDL Playoffs will be a lot better than their meme game; OpTic kick off their postseason campaign facing elimination right away versus crosstown rivals LA Guerrillas in the first round.

You can watch that and all of the Champs matches live via our Call of Duty League Playoffs & Championship Weekend hub, which also includes live scores, brackets, and more.

Call of Duty

Modern Warfare streamer goes on sniping killstreak with piano as controller

Published: 16/Oct/2020 1:38

by Tanner Pierce


DeanoBeano, who went viral on Twitch a couple months back for using a drum kit to snipe in Modern Warfare, is back and this time he brought along with him a piano to get his kills.

Back in August 2020, Twitch streamer DeanoBeano made headlines when he was able to get a sniping kill in Modern Warfare using a drum kit. While it was only a single kill, to say that it was impressive would be an understatement considering how much precision it took.


A couple weeks later he was back at it again, this time going on a five killstreak on Vacant, even getting a split quad-feed and a collateral kill in the process. Now, DeanoBeano has once again done what some might considered the impossible and gone on another killstreak using an instrument but this time it wasn’t a drum kit.

Twitch streamer DeanoBeano played Modern Warfare for over five hours using a piano.

During a recent Twitch stream, DeanoBeano used a piano keyboard to get a four killstreak on Atlas Superstore, once again impressing the CoD community.


In the clip, which currently has over 16,000 upvotes on Reddit, Deano takes out three enemies in quick succession near the side of the map using the AX-50 sniper rifle, before running and taking out one more person with the 725 shotgun.

While that wouldn’t be impressive in the slightest with a normal controller, the fact that he was using a piano makes it an amazing feat to be sure.

I just snapped with a piano LMAO from r/modernwarfare

As one can see in the clip itself, movement and aiming with the piano is a bit similar to the drums in that one key press moves the character just a little bit in a certain direction. This means that Deano constantly taps on the keys in order to adjust where he’s looking.


While he’s drumming kills were impressive as they were, this piano streak is even more absurd. Considering you can hear the piano keys he’s hitting, it makes for a very comical clip.

Here’s hoping he makes more hilarious videos with other instruments.