OpTic Gaming Eliminated in the Group Stage of the 2018 CWL Championship

Joe O'Brien

Defending world champions OpTic Gaming are out of the 2018 CWL Championship.

OpTic Gaming kicked off their group stage with two strong wins, but a defeat at the hands of Evil Geniuses means their championship campaign is over.

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Group H ends with a three-way tie between OpTic, Evil Geniuses, and Elevate at a 2-1 record. OpTic would only have needed a single map win against EG in order to guarantee a playoff spot, but after their 0-3 loss, the map count tie-breaker means OpTic finishes in third place.

This is the third year that Patrick ‘Aches’ Price has been responsible for eliminating OpTic Gaming from the CWL Championship. He knocked them out of the lower bracket in both 2015 and 2016, playing for FaZe Red and Cloud9 respectively, and now under Evil Geniuses has taken them down once again.

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For OpTic Gaming, the result is a disappointing end to a disappointing season. WWII saw the dynastic line-up of the previous three years finally separate, and It’s the first time in the organization’s history that they have gone an entire season without a championship.

OpTic Gaming is one of five Pro League teams so far knocked out in the group stage of what has already been one of the most upset-filled CWL Championships to date. Only two groups have so far ended with both Pro League squads reaching the playoffs, with one still left to be decided.