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Dashy slams CoDBurner after claims about OpTic CoD changes

Published: 9/Apr/2019 10:26

by Connor Bennett


OpTic Gaming Call of Duty star Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell has quickly shut down claims from ‘CoDBurner’, about his team potentially making a change.

Call of Duty Rostermania begins

The CWL roster locked was lifted on April 5 and teams only have until April 22 to make their roster moves. With this Rostermania period coming so quickly after the conclusion of the cross-divisional play portion of the Pro League, a number of rumors have been swirling about a wide range of changes.

While some teams look set on making wholesale changes, OpTic have only switched up their in-game roles and stuck with the roster they formed prior to the start of the Black Ops 4 season.

DexertoOpTic swept to success in Vegas, but their form has fallen off since.

Dashy denies ‘bullshit’ claims

However, their performances have taken a hit in recent weeks, with questions being raised about the team’s drop off in form since winning CWL Vegas.  

On April 8, CoDBurner posted that they heard “something about OpTic making a change” in roles or even possibly moving on from coach Tyler ‘TeePee’ Polchow. Questions quickly shifted in Dashy’s direction as he began streaming games between pro players.

“I don’t know what you guys are saying about CoDBurner,” started Dashy, addressing his Twitch viewers after receiving an inquisitive donation. “Like, this shit is all bullshit bro. It’s the first time I’m hearing this CoDBurner shit about our team – it’s literally all bullshit.”

Will OpTic make a change?

While the OpTic Gaming squad may have suffered a wobble since their dominant win at Vegas, Dashy’s brutal shutdown of the CoDBurner seems to indicate that they won’t be making drastic changes any time soon.

The Greenwall will have to put in the hard yards to get back to the top, but with just under a month until the next event – CWL London – getting to grips with new tactics, and possibly new roles, might just be their best bet for success instead of making a full-blown changes like other teams.

However, they don’t face the easiest of groups in London. After finishing second in the first season of Pro League play, with a 7-3 record, OpTic have been drawn in a stacked Pool A against 100 Thieves, Team Reciprocity and Enigma6.

Call of Duty

Infinity Ward dev confirms more Modern Warfare content is coming

Published: 24/Nov/2020 0:36

by Tanner Pierce


While we know when Black Ops Cold War’s first content season is coming, and subsequently when it’s going to be integrated with Warzone, fans have been left in the dark about what’s to happen with Modern Warfare. Now, an Infinity Ward dev might have some answers.

Modern Warfare is in a weird state right now. Black Ops Cold War is out, Nuketown is on its way for free on Nov 24, and the first content season is coming on Dec 10. BOCW is on schedule to take over as the premier Call of Duty title, but that left a few unanswered questions regarding 2019’s iteration of the franchise.

While there’s been some leaked content for a while now, including a Makarov pistol and even a remake of the map Killhouse from Call of Duty 4, nothing official has been announced from Infinity Ward or Activision yet about what’s going to happen to the game now that BOCW is out and in full swing.

Currently, Modern Warfare is on Season 6 with no announcement of Season 7 in sight.

Now, we finally might have a hint thanks to Infinity Ward Lead Multiplayer VFX Artist Reed Shingledecker. When asked directly about the possibility of a Season 7 for Modern Warfare, the dev confirmed that more content was coming for the game in some way shape or form.

The downside is that he, apparently, has no idea what form the content will come in, meaning we may not get a Season 7 for the game while still getting more content for it at the same time. Maybe we’ll end up getting a mini-season to close out the game or just simply a random content drop not tied to anything in particular. Who knows at this point.

Shingledecker also, unfortunately, hinted that he had no idea when the information will become available, as he “hopes some info gets released soon so people know what’s going on.”

It is worth reminding people to take this with a grain of salt. Plans change all the time, especially in today’s day and age, so anything’s possible. That being said, with only a few days until Modern Warfare Season 6 ends, Infinity Ward has little time to announce something unless they want to extend that current season.