OpTic FormaL hints at possible return to Call of Duty after retirement

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formal call of duty optic retirement return
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Call of Duty and OpTic Gaming legend Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper announced his retirement from pro CoD this offseason, but has since discussed the decision and left the door open for a possible CDL return.

For FormaL and OpTic Chicago alike, the 2021 Call of Duty League season was a shaky one. With the team failing to surpass a third-place finish in any of the year’s events, it may not be surprising, in hindsight, that offseason changes were made.

Nonetheless, the two changes took CoD’s community by storm: “The Prince” Dylan ‘Envoy’ Hannon was released, and beloved AR FormaL retired.

While fans were disappointed in the season, most were hoping FormaL would get his chance at redemption. And, according to a new video with the AR, it turns out that chance at redemption may come — just not in 2022.

FormaL explains decision to retire

In 2021, OpTic’s highly touted roster bowed out of the postseason in Loser’s Round 2 after finishing the regular season with an above-average 26-18 record. But, as FormaL has now revealed, the season was a struggle on multiple levels for him.

“I don’t know if it’s the online era of CoD that’s been the final thing that drained me, but getting on and scrimming everyday is just not it for me anymore, man … right now, just that whole process of scrimming and trying to get good and better does not sound fun to me right now.”

As most CoD fans know, players are relentless with their practice time. But for FormaL, those hours of practice — combined with a difficult stretch of online play, proved unideal.

FormaL claims return from retirement is possible

Scump and Formal
It won’t happen soon, but the return of T2P isn’t completely out of the cards.

Still, OpTic Gaming’s beloved AR knows that the itch might come back and, if so, he’s open to a return: “I might just need a break from it for a little bit, like a year break, and maybe I’ll want to do it again.”

With fatigue and mixed reactions to Vanguard’s gameplay, this year’s title might not be enough to get an early return out of FormaL. But who knows, maybe the 2022 game will be enticing enough to bring #H4F back to multiplayer.

In the meantime, he’s got a seat waiting for him among Warzone’s fiercest competitors (if he can get off Valorant, that is).

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