OpTic Dashy explains why Modern Warfare “ruined Call of Duty”

Dashy over blurred picture of Rammaza from Modern Warfare 2019Activision/Call of Duty League

While 2019’s Call of Duty release Modern Warfare was one of the most commercially successful games in franchise history, competitive players haven’t harbored a lot of love for it. Now, OpTic Texas’ Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell has even claimed that it “ruined CoD.”

Modern Warfare came out in 2019, rebooting the classic trilogy that made many players fall in love with CoD with a fresh batch of new features, weapons, and playstyles.

It became massively popular, especially when Warzone launched in March 2020, and many who had stopped playing Call of Duty returned to the franchise, becoming a wild success.

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Not everyone loved it, though, and the competitive community, in particular, was very outspoken against some of the features and the mechanics of the game.

Chesire Park and Hovec Sawmill with Modern Warfare LogoActivision
Modern Warfare was super popular for casuals, but the pros weren’t the biggest fans.

Several top pros have been outspoken against Modern Warfare since the 2020 season ended and they stopped playing the title, and Dashy has added his thoughts, too.

“I think Modern Warfare, the one that came out two years ago, literally ruined CoD,” he said during a Twitch livestream. “I was talking to Matt [FormaL] about this. Think about how much sh*t that game introduced, like doors, f**king tac sprint, f**king sh**ty a*s maps, killing in a bullet, Warzone, bloom, 40 million attachments on your gun… That game f**king ruined it now.”

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Pro players haven’t always had a very loving relationship with MW2019, with the fast TTK, the inclusion of doors, and Dead Silence becoming a Field Upgrade among the most common complaints.

Dashy’s comments, though, are some of the most brutally honest to have come from a pro player, and to say that it “ruined CoD” is a huge statement to make.

While some may agree with him, and be concerned about the direction Modern Warfare 2 might take, there’s definitely a huge community of players who still love MW to this day.

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