OpTic Chicago test Express & Apocalypse as CDL teams call for Stage 2 map changes

optic chicago scump black ops cold war apocalypse cdlCall of Duty League / Activision

As the Call of Duty League 2021 season heads toward Stage 2, CDL coaches and players are calling for changes to the map pool as OpTic Chicago test out new maps like Express and Apocalypse.

While Black Ops Cold War was initially praised for gunplay, movement and the absence of doorways, some maps have drawn the ire of competitive players. Understandably, when Raid made its return to competitive CoD, players and fans alike were delighted. 

Still, numerous map changes have been tested and, especially considering the spawn differences on 20 Hz and 60 Hz servers, CDL teams have remained concerned with improvements to the map pool. After Stage 1 wrapped up, those concerns have bubbled up and teams have begun testing two new candidates: Express and Apocalypse.

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On March 9, the Minnesota ROKKR’s head coach Brian ‘Saintt’ Baroska tweeted a clip of Crossroads spawns in hopes that the map could be removed from the pool. Following numerous responses to his tweets, it appears that momentum is gaining — as OpTic is already testing new maps in scrims.

After Saintt asked for Apocalypse to replace Crossroads in the map pool, the Los Angeles Thieves’ Thomas ‘TJhaLy’ Haly immediately responded in agreement: “Apocalypse should be in.”

The next day, fans noticed a conversation during Seth ‘Scump’ Abner’s stream about trying out Apocalypse and Express during scrims. In the VOD, the team can be heard discussing Apocalypse and Express tests during the downtime before Stage 2.

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During the stream, Scump and the OpTic boys excitedly talk about playing Apocalypse and Express, with ‘The King’ eventually expressing how much he enjoys the former map particularly. This turns out to be a sentiment echoed across the league, as the Seattle Surge’s Sam ‘Octane’ Larew showed in his own tweet.

While no decisions have been made yet and it remains unclear which maps would be removed if Apocalypse and Express trials go well, momentum seems to be growing. 

With four teams already publicly vying for Apocalypse’s addition, things could escalate in the lead-up to Stage 2. Until the schedule and Stage 2 map pool are officialized, teams are likely to continue testing things out — so fans should keep their eyes peeled.

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