Are OpTic Chicago fans jealous of “boring” Atlanta FaZe? CDL Reverse Sweep Preview Show

CDL Stage 5 Week 2 Preview ShowDexerto

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Before we get to the second week of action in Stage 5 of the Call of Duty League, our Reverse Sweep crew of Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt, Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker & Katie Bedford are here to preview the biggest matchups and make some bold predictions.

With Week 1 done and dusted, all CDL teams are looking ahead to their Week 2 matchups. From FaZe vs OpTic to Empire vs Mutineers, there are some spicy games on the horizon.

Certain teams like the Subliners are in need of a big rebound while teams like Toronto have a chance to regain their earlier form. 

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It’s all set to go down at the Minnesota Home Series and our Reverse Sweep crew is here to preview all the biggest storylines.

Has Atlanta FaZe’s dominance become “boring” to watch?

After another typical FaZe showing in Week 1, the CDL’s best team hasn’t missed a step after the break. But has their unmatched dominance become “boring” for spectators?

Pacman and Enable came in with different opinions on the matter. “I don’t want to say they’re boring, that’s not the right term,” Pacman said. “They’re just so predictable and dominant.”

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“They’re at a point now where they’re just beating their own records,” Enable added. “It doesn’t really matter who FaZe is playing, they’re gonna be in the finals. So any fan of a team other than FaZe, you probably do think it’s boring.”

Though as a fan of competition in general, Enable stressed there’s no team more enjoyable to watch. Their gameplay is “like art. I’d rather watch FaZe 10/10 times than one of the bottom four teams.” 

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Dallas Empire set to “breeze” through week 2

While FaZe may still be a step ahead, Empire is hot on their heels. With two games on the schedule for Week 2, this could be another opportunity to prove they’re ahead of the pack.

“Dallas is firing on all cylinders right now,” Enable said. Therefore, he has them “winning 2-0” against Florida and Minnesota.

Pacman agreed with the scoreline, but wants to see more than just a few wins. “This is a weekend they need to breeze through,” he added. “I think this is gonna be a big sign they’re on the right path.”

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How far can the Los Angeles Thieves go with John?

With John now back in the CDL mix, Week 2 is another opportunity to get some high-level game time under his belt once again.

Given he’s a “seasoned pro” and has countless hours in “Challengers this year,” neither Pacman nor Enable are concerned about this week’s results. “He’s been in Challengers all year, he’s teaming with SlasheR, he has JKap as his coach, this is the best spot he could be in,” Enable said.

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With a big match against FaZe in the cards, this could be a big week for John to prove himself once again.

Ones to watch in CDL Stage 5 Week 2

Week 2 is set to deliver some important showdowns before Champs, so Pacman believes LA Thieves are the team to watch this time around. “If they’re going to be a contender, they need to play [FaZe] closely. I think this is their most important match.”

Conversely, Enable wants to keep a close eye on the Subliners. Week 1 was a “bad week” where they “didn’t look good at all.”

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Therefore, Week 2 is vital.”They need to win every series” moving forward, Enable stressed.

“I want to go with Toronto,” Katie added. “Lately they’ve been missing a little bit of that extra magic that made them special. Really want to see them come out in week two and make a splash with dominant wins.”

Bold predictions for CDL Stage 5 Week 2

As for predictions in Week 2, Enable couldn’t help but gas his boys in the LA Thieves camp. “I have LA Thieves going 2-0, beating FaZe and Paris, but that’s not it.”

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The former 100 Thieves star also has FaZe losing to OpTic shortly after. Could this be their first 0-2 week in the season? Meanwhile, Pacman’s prediction focused on the lower side of the standings instead. “I’m gonna go with London being the only bottom four team to get a win. They’re gonna beat NYSL 3-1.”

Lastly, Katie believes Minnesota has what it takes to secure a big win in Week 2. “I think Minnesota gets a surprise upset over Dallas.”

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Is there any purpose for the bottom four CDL teams?

With the majority of teams already locked in for Champs, the bottom four have very little to play for as the year winds down. So is there a reason for anyone to tune in?

“Yes,” Enable argued. “This is why every team should have an Academy team in Challengers. If you know you’re not making playoffs, bring in young players to see their potential. LA Guerrillas should have brought in their full Academy team.” 

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Not only that, but these final games are important “for their future individually.” If players slump and fail to take these games seriously, it could leave them struggling to find a home in the 2022 season. “Your performance, your attitude, your drive, it does still matter.”