OpTic’s H3CZ and compLexity’s Jason Lake discuss where they’d locate their Call of Duty franchises

Esports is a flourishing sector and veterans of the industry sat down to discuss where their teams would settle in Call of Duty as the swirling rumor of franchising gains more traction as the new year approaches.

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As Activision looks to foster a more stable competitive scene surrounding its esports fixtures, big clubs are already in the mix to find the best opportunity to franchise in one of esports more exciting titles.

Call of Duty has a rich history of tournaments and competitions, and legendary organization owners Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez of OpTic Gaming and Jason Lake from compLexity sat down to discuss, among other things, where the teams would take their CoD brands in 2019.

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Snippet of Activision’s 2017 Annual Report that hints to the company could be looking into franchising for Call of Duty.

Lake discussed his organizations reintroduction into the Call of Duty space on H3CZ’s The Eavesdrop Podcast, and gave his thoughts on compLexity’s next step to reviving its CoD presence.

“CompLexity would definitely like to be back in [to Call of Duty] if the opportunity is right,” Lake said. “Like, OpTic’s going to get a franchise, Envy and [Envy Founder and CEO Mike Rufail] are going to get a franchise, as they should. So like, from a business perspective, is it smart for us to get it and have three franchises in Dallas.”

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Although the idea of compLexity setting up shop in Dallas might not be in the cards, Lake did give a peek into the ideas the organization are currently humoring outside of the Dallas area.

“Do we look at another region and be like ‘Hey, this would be a good place to kind of start going international’ and expand Call of Duty in that direction,” Lake said.

(Timestamp for mobile users is around 42:52)

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Call of Duty holds a special place for long-time industry figures and landing a franchised position for the title will undoubtedly be a coveted goal for owners around the scene.

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Disclaimer: Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez is a minority shareholder in Dexerto Ltd.