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OpTic Gaming win $2,500 CMG ProDown Black Ops 4 tournament #3 - recap, highlights, and final placements

by Albert Petrosyan


The third running of Checkmate Gaming's $2,500 Black Ops 4 ProDown tournament wrapped up on December 3 with OpTic Gaming being crowned champions for the third straight time. 


OpTic Gaming defeated Team Reciprocity 3-2 and 3-1 in the Grand Final to exact revenge against the first and only team to have beaten them so far this Black Ops 4 season.

Having been reverse swept 3-2 by Team Rec in the Winner's Bracket Final, OpTic were forced to beat 100 Thieves in the Loser's Final to advance, which meant that they had to win both matches in the Grand Final to be crowned champions, while Rec only had to win one. 


Just as in the WBF, the first match of the GF proved to be a very tight affair, ultimately going the distance. Reciprocity came out hot and won the first Hardpoint 250-174, and they would also go on to take the game four HP with a similar scoreline - 250-172,

Meanwhile OpTic took the Search and Destroy 6-5 and Control 3-2, with both victories coming by the thinnest of margins. OG would amp it up in the game five S&D however, as Crimsix's ace helped them win 6-1 and force a reset of the bracket. 


With the bracket reset, everything came down to the second best-of-five series in the Grand Final, which started with OpTic taking the Hardpoint on Gridlock 250-233.

Despite OG's momentum, Team Reciprocity answered back convincingly, taking the Payload S&D 6-1 to even the series. 

However, despite Rec's resiliency, OpTic's dominance and superiority finally showed through at the end, as they won Gridlock Control 3-0 and Hacienda Hardpoint 250-234 to wrap up the series. 

Despite not being considered rivals prior to this week's ProDown, the last two days have been very eventful between OpTic and Team Rec, which involved a controversial replay of the Winner's Bracket Final due to connection issues. 

Whether these two teams will have anymore tight battles this season remains to be seen, but Reciprocity will always hold the distinction of being the first team to hand OpTic a loss in Black Ops 4.

The CMG ProDown is a double-eliminated tournament series that features some of the most prominent pro teams in Call of Duty esports.

14 teams participated in this week's competition, with the top two seeds - OpTic Gaming and 100 Thieves - receiving byes in the first round.

The tournament was split into two days; the bulk of the matches were played on December 16, while the latter rounds, including the Winner's Bracket Finals, Loser's Bracket Semis and Finals, and the Grand Final, were all played on December 17.

Here are the scorelines for all of the day two matches:

  • Winner's Final: OpTic Gaming 2 - 3 Team Reciprocity
  • Loser's Semis: 100 Thieves 3 - 0 Luminosity Gaming
  • Loser's Final: OpTic Gaming 3 - 2 100 Thieves
  • Grand Final:
    • Game 1: Team Reciprocity 2 - 3 OpTic Gaming
    • Game 2: OpTic Gaming 3 - 1 Team Reciprocity

A full recap of all of the day one action, including all scores and brackets, can be found HERE.

The overall final placements can be viewed in the table below, along with the Winner's and Loser's Brackets. 

Placement Team Prize
1st OpTic Gaming $2,000
2nd Team Reciprocity $500
3rd 100 Thieves
4th Luminosity Gaming
5th-6th Envy
5th-6th Orgless
7th-8th Enigma6
7th-8th SZN
9th-12th Evil Geniuses
9th-12th FaZe Clan
9th-12th Ready for Hire
9th-12th UYU
13th-14th Splyce
13th-14th G2 Esports

Winner's Bracket (From Quarters)

Loser's Bracket (From Round 3)

For more information about the CMG ProDown, including team rosters and full brackets from this latest tournament, visit the tournament web-page on the CMG website HERE.