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One of the most annoying Black Ops 4 issues is finally being fixed

Published: 17/Nov/2018 14:47

by Calum Patterson


A Treyarch developer has given Black Ops 4 players the news they have been waiting for – a fix to auto-mantle problems, plaguing multiplayer gameplay.

There are few things more frustrating that attempting to jump during a gunfight in Black Ops 4 and seeing your character awkwardly clamber over a tiny object behind you, or wildly mantling to some ridiculous height only to die to fall damage.

Auto-mantling is a feature designed to allow for more fluid and seamless movement around the map, by automatically clambering over walls and objects in your path.

Of course, when mantling, you weapon is reduced to only hip fire spray with reduced accuracy, meaning mantling during a gunfight is certain death.


In Black Ops 4, the auto-mantle feature is not optional, and is very sensitive to every possible obstruction on the map, big and small, which leads to frustrating moments like these.

The auto-mantle in this game is unbelievable from r/Blackops4

As a result of countless deaths at the end of overly sensitive mantling, to even the smallest and most insignificant obstructions, players have asked for an option to turn it off.

Although it is unclear if an option to disable auto-mantle is coming, developer Matt Scronce has confirmed that the team are working on a fix for the auto-mantle problems, in response to a Reddit post about the issue.

This could mean an option to disable, but it’s also likely they are working on making certain objects not function with auto-mantle, or even requiring players to hold jump rather than simply press, in order to get the mantle animation.



Treyarch have been rolling out regular updates to Black Ops 4 across multiplayer, Zombies and Blackout, almost twice weekly, so hopefully the can implement a fix to auto-mantle issues in the near future.

In the latest update, on November 16, fixes were rolled out for numerous bugs across all three modes, you can see the full patch notes here.