One of the Greatest Underdog Stories in Call of Duty History

Everyone loves an underdog story and the Call of Duty scene has had its fair share but none comes close to what Evil Geniuses managed to pull off at Champs 2018. Their victory over Team Kaliber in the finals will go down as one of the most memorable moments in CoD history.

EG started the WW2 season off with a strong roster comprised of Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price, Bryan ‘Apathy’ Zhelyazkov, Anthony ‘NAMELESS’ Wheeler, and Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt. Unfortunately, this roster had its issues with so many big personalities causing rifts and cracks in the team.

NAMELESS and Enable were dropped after the team was forced into relegations during the CWL 2018 season. The team picked up Justin ‘SiLLY’ Fargo-Palmer and Adam ‘Assault’ Garcia. At first, the changes worked perfectly and EG had great success at CWL Seattle open. This was short-lived as Evil Genius put up “embarrassing” performances at CWL Anaheim and Pro League stage 2.

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Eric Ananmalay / ESPAT MediaACHES added to his vast trophy cabinet with a CoD Champs win in World War II with EG.

In the groups, EG hit a stumbling block ending in a three-way tie with Cloud9 and Elevate. EG went into the final game of the tiebreaker needing to defeat OpTic with a clean 3-0 – and that is what they did, with ACHES once again proving to be the Green Wall’s kryptonite. The underdogs then went on to have an easier knockout bracket run, sailing through to the semis again Envy where they faced their biggest challenge. However, these underdogs sent them down to the losers bracket.

The boys in blue then went on to beat the tournament favorite TK in the upper bracket final, sending them down to losers, but TK would be back for more in the grand final. After going 2-0 up, EG took their eyes off the prize, allowing TK to get back into the match as they completed the reverse sweep to reset the bracket.

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In the second best-of-five, Evil Geniuses did not relent though, defeating TK in dominant fashion 3-0 to win the greatest honor in CoD. This was without a doubt one of the most shocking results when it comes to Call of Duty esports and still to this day is renowned for being one of the greatest champs runs from any team.