Call of Duty

One in a million Modern Warfare grenade throw leads to unfortunate loss

by Brad Norton
Infinity Ward


One of the most unbelievable grenade throws in Call of Duty history left this Modern Warfare player confused as they had no idea what hit them.

Throwing out your equipment at the start of a Gunfight round is often a good way to gain some intel on enemy positioning, or even find a lucky elimination, regardless of which map you might be fighting on.

Unfortunately in this match, however, opposing players had the exact same idea, and due to some impossible timing, only one of them was able to make it out alive.

Modern Warfare thermite grenade
Infinity Ward
Grenade spam is a common tactic at the start of most Gunfight rounds in Modern Warfare.


Up 2–1 in a game of Gunfight on Docks, loadouts had changed to ensure both sides of the battlefield were well equipped with Lethal and Tactical grenades. In particular, two Decoy Grenades to confuse the enemy, and one Semtex grenade to stick the opposing team with explosive damage.

After firing a single warning shot, Reddit user ‘Jamersonnnn’ angled his crosshairs towards the high ground opening on the left-hand side of the map. Rather than climbing atop the vehicle and jumping through, however, they played things a little more patient and waited for their equipment.

Throwing out a decoy grenade first, nothing out of the ordinary happened. Following up with their lethal Semtex, however, this unlucky player was left confused as to how their own grenade actually ended up costing their life.


A peculiar clunk can be heard just moments after the grenade left their hand, but it wasn’t quite clear what the sound could have come from.

Slowing things down after watching the killcam, however, it became clear a near-impossible collision had resulted in their grenade actually bouncing back in their direction, deflecting off the enemy's own thrown projectile.

The enemy up top threw a semtex of their own at the exact same moment. Crashing together in mid-air, one grenade instantly dropped to the floor below while the other was knocked back and returned to its sender.

Modern Warfare Gunfight map Docks overview
Infinity Ward
Docks has been available in the Gunfight playlist since the launch of Modern Warfare.


You could try to replicate this collision a thousand times in a custom lobby and likely struggle to pull it off. 

The exact timing and precision needed to arc each projectile into one another is truly extraordinary yet these players happened to make it work in the middle of a Gunfight match – to disastrous effects for the player on the ground.