Odd Warzone glitch gives entire lobby a free win before match ends


A new Call of Duty: Warzone glitch is a departure from the norm, as it rudely ends the match early before generously gifting every single player in the lobby a victory.

Battling in the nooks and crannies of Verdansk can be a confusing experience. Maybe you have casually sauntered around a dark, empty building only to come face to face with a practically invisible, camping Roze skin. Or, even worse, maybe you’ve run into hackers who simply knew where you were despite all powers of Ghost and finesse movement combined.

But the most confusing thing in Warzone is often when unintended things happen, such as dying to gas as someone abuses a stim glitch in the storm. Bugs and glitches have abused countless Verdansk warriors, from the stim glitch to the loadout freeze glitch and invisibility bugs.

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This latest glitch has a very different vibe to it, though. Instead of being exploited by a minority of cheating players, it simply gives the entire lobby a win. While that’s likely annoying for players on heaters, things could be way worse than receiving a Warzone participation trophy.

In a video shared to Reddit by ‘LegendWho,’ their team was getting toward the end of a Solos match with about 50 players remaining when, suddenly, the game shifted to a kill cam. Like the “Final Kill” cam during multiplayer matches, a replay of the latest kill started playing and the in-game chat opened up.

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Very quickly, it was clear that nobody had any idea what was happening. The player had been casually driving around in a truck when they were joined by a variety of equally perplexed players as a wall of “eh?” and “what the f**k?” exclamations hit the game chat.

Wondering what on earth could have happened, they brought the topic to Reddit and also checked what was going on using the SBMM app. With that, they found out that literally everyone in the lobby was given a win for the match.

warzone redditReddit
Some of the comments from LegendWho’s Reddit post.

At this point, it’s unclear what causes this glitch or how prevalent it is. In early February, a similar issue popped up where a team was given a win before landing, but that one was never confirmed to have been a win for every team in the lobby. 

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While this isn’t as pressing an issue as glitches like the Stim and invisibility ones, it is a very confusing one and has yet to be placed on Raven Software’s radar — as evidenced by its absence on their Warzone Trello board.