Octane reveals he confronted Crimsix for trash-talking him: "This isn't the first time" - Dexerto
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Octane reveals he confronted Crimsix for trash-talking him: “This isn’t the first time”

Published: 14/Jul/2021 10:29

by Jacob Hale


Sam ‘Octane’ Larew might be one of the best ARs in CoD history, but he’s not immune from the wrath of three-time world champion Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter — and he’s confronted the star over his “sh*t talk.”

Octane and Crimsix are two of the most successful names in Call of Duty, but there’s no doubt Crim puts the rest of his peers to shame when it comes to pure ability to win.

The two have seemingly always had a decent rapport, and they even teamed together for the latter half of the World War II season under OpTic Gaming.


But Octane says Crimsix has been sh*t talking him online on multiple occasions, including on ZooMaa’s The Flank, where he said that Octane had “one good year” and he shouldn’t have a reputation as a top 5 AR.

This may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back for Octane, who is currently working towards the end of a very disappointing two years in the CDL under Seattle Surge. He reveals he confronted the Dallas Empire player on more than one occasion over comments like these.

“Porter’s been p**sing me off recently,” he told OpTic CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez on the Eavesdrop podcast. “I consider him a good friend of mine… Online, he just likes to talk sh*t about me, I don’t know why.


“I confronted him about it a few days ago because he went on The Flank and was sh*t talking me for no reason at all. He was like ‘Man, all these kids on Reddit are always talking about KD., and I just had to prove a point.’”

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Octane went on to say that he told Crim “You have won a million championships, you’re literally the greatest player of all time, why are you soft about Reddit? Why are you soft about Twitter kids? Why have you got to prove a point to f**king anybody?”

To most, Octane would easily be considered one of the best ARs in Call of Duty, though his recent track record on a team level may have left some doubts.


No doubt in the 2022 season, Octane will be looking to be back to his best and winning championships again, proving Crimsix wrong once and for all.