Call of Duty

Nolsonn gets unbelievable quad collat snipe during the EU 2K

by Vincent Genova


Team Sween pro Nolsonn made an efficient use of his bullets during an S&D match. 


What made the clip even more impressive is this was not a pub match - it took place during a competitive EU 2K event.

He rushed to the middle of Frequency with a sniper and caught the enemy team in a line.

Nolsonn fired, eliminating four players with a single bullet.


For good measure, the first elimination was also a headshot.

Nolsonn also picked up the fifth and final elimination of the round when he spotted the last player up in a window. Two shots, five eliminations and the ace.


Team Sween won the first EU 2K of Black Ops 4 and also picked up the U.K’s National Qualifier tournament for a trip to CWL Vegas.

They currently hold the eighth and final spot of the play-in tournament for CWL Vegas pool play.