NICKMERCS tips AS Val as Warzone’s best weapon if one change is made

Nickmercs talking about the AS Val in WarzoneYouTube: NICKMERCS/Activision

Warzone star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff believes the AS Val could be the next big thing in the battle royale, as long as the devs give it a tiny buff in the near future.

When Warzone launched over a year ago, YouTubers and content creators were at the forefront of setting the meta. Their ridiculous highlight videos and weapon classes have been followed to the tee by fans.

NICKMERCS is, arguably, the top dog for picking out the best weapons in the battle royale, and has his finger on the pulse when it comes to what’s the next best thing.

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He’s tipped other weapons like the Krig-6 and Bullfrog in the past, and with Season 3 continuing to rumble on, he believes the AS Val could start to get some love again. However, it does need one tiny change.

AS-VAL loadoutActivision
The AS-VAL performs more like an SMG than an AR.

In his May 15 video, the FaZe Clan co-owner spoke glowingly about the assault rifle, saying it’s the best choice if you’re playing solos. He believes it could work in other playlists, but it depends on your playstyle.

“If you’re playing solos or duos, this is a must in your kit. It’s the fastest way to kill two people or one person, it’s a must,” Nick said.

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As to why it’s not the best all-around weapon in Warzone, well, it’s because it has a small magazine. “I personally do think that if they adjust the magazine size, you’re going to see everybody running it. It’s going to break the game kind of thing,” Nick added.

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While the AS Val has had some shine in the past, its pick rate has dropped off quite a lot after it was once the 10th most popular weapon in the game. As per stats from WZRanked, it’s dropped down to a 0.7% pick rate.

It remains to be seen if Raven will give the weapon the buff that Nick wants, or if it’ll stay in the doldrums, being a weapon people try out on occasion, still longing for its glory days.

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