NICKMERCS reveals his biggest issue with Warzone’s Fortune’s Keep map

Nickmercs side by side with Warzone character on Fortune's Keep mapNICKMERCS/Activision

Streaming star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has explained his biggest issue with Warzone’s newest map, Fortune’s Keep, as he’s not the biggest fan of one particular area.

At the start of Season 4 of Warzone Pacific, Raven Software introduced the battle royale’s fourth new map in the form of Fortune’s Keep.

The map, themed as the idyllic hideaway for a gang of mercenaries, has quickly become a fan favorite thanks to its vibrant colors and intense gunfights, as it is entirely different from the likes of Rebirth Island and Caldera.

For some fans, it has lept above the original Verdansk map as their favorite virtual battlefield, and while NICKMERCS is a fan of it, he has got one particular issue with the battle royale’s newest map.

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NICKMERCS explains his biggest issue with Fortune’s Keep

The FaZe Clan star, who has been dabbling back in Warzone over the last few weeks, highlighted the new map in his July 17 video and gave the devs plenty of praise for it.

“You can say what you want about this game right now, but I really do like this new map they put out. I thought it was kind of vibey. I like the terrain, the flow, the colors, and I like the size as well,” the streaming star said.

Though, he wasn’t completely in love with it. “The only thing I didn’t really like about it, maybe, was the underground cave area,” Nick continued. “Other than that, I was pretty chill with it.”

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The Twitch star had previously stated that he believes the map is better than Caldera, rating it as an “eight or nine” out of ten as it brought him back to the CoD battle royale.

It remains to be seen if he’ll stick around long-term or return to competing in Apex Legends. Though, as long as Fortune’s Keep is in the rotation, he’ll probably continue to dabble in Warzone from time to time.