NICKMERCS recommends “max damage” AK-47 Warzone loadout for Season 3

. 1 year ago
NICKMERCS AK-47 loadout
Activision / NICKMERCS (YouTube)

Call of Duty content creator Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has been busy putting players down with his new AK-47 build. Find out what attachments you need to replicate this deadly AR. 

The Cold War AK-47 has seen a fair amount of play in Warzone Season 3, with many players adopting an SMG-style build for close-quarter engagements. This Russian Assault Rifle received changes to its recoil, which has made it much easier to control. As a result, more players have been picking it up and utilizing it as part of their loadout. While it may not be as potent as the AMAX or Krig 6, the AK-47 is still capable of dishing out some incredible damage. 

NICKMERCS previously showcased his powerful close-quarters AK-47 build, but for those that enjoy taking out their opponents from afar, then this build will enable you to do just that. The beauty of this build is that it still remains viable against the game’s top SMG classes, while also competing at range. 

NICKMERCS’ AK-47 Warzone class

AK-47 Warzone loadout
Activision / NICKMERCS (YouTube)
This AK-47 is loadout is competitive across multiple engagement ranges.
  • Muzzle: Gru Suppressor
  • Barrel: 20” Spetsnaz RPK Barrel 
  • Optic: Microflex LED
  • Stock: KGB Skeletal Stock
  • Ammunition: 45 Rnd

Nick’s latest AK-47 loadout bolsters the gun’s damage, range, and mobility. The added bullet velocity and damage range from the Gru Suppressor helps when you’re gunning for those mid-range kills, while the added vertical recoil drastically increases the gun’s accuracy. Pair this with even more damage range from the 20” Spetsnaz RPK Barrel and you have a recipe for success. 

Unlike the SMG style AK-47, Nick has equipped the Microflex LED to help increase the AR’s lethality across both close and mid-range engagements. While it may not have the 3.0.x magnification of the Axial Arms, it does offer a clear picture of your target and surroundings. Due to the limited zoom of the Microflex LED, you’re best off switching to a weapon with better magnification. 

The KGB Skeletal Stock is a must for those that enjoy aggressively rushing down their foes. This particular stock increases everything from the AK-47’s ADS firing move speed to the sprint to fire time. Having a gun you can rely on upon in close-quarters scenarios is huge, particularly if you wish to get the drop on pesky campers. 

Lastly, the 45 Rnd mags give you just enough ammo without diminishing the gun’s ADS time – an area that is incredibly important when beating opponents in late-game rounds when the map is that much smaller. 

There you have it, one AK-47 loadout that can melt opponents in close to mid-range firefights. If you want to keep updated with all the latest Call of Duty news and updates, then follow us over on @DexertoIntel.

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