NICKMERCS ragequits Warzone return stream and instantly goes to Apex Legends

. 4 months ago
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NICKMERCS’ return to Warzone was highly anticipated, but the popular streamer quickly found himself rage quitting the game once again. 

NICKMERCS has often voiced his current distaste for Warzone, but the content creator recently announced that he would be briefly returning. This was obviously met with a lot of hype from the CoD community, especially since Nick has been largely absent from the game since the Vanguard integration. 

In fact, his dislike for the current state of Warzone led him to Apex Legends. Since then, the streamer has been busy grinding out ranked matches and working on becoming a top-tier Apex Predator. Despite Nick’s views on Warzone, he recently got the squad back together and dropped into Caldera once again. 

However, it wasn’t long before he decided to end his Warzone stream and play Apex Legends instead. 

NICKMERCS ragequits Warzone during return stream

NICKMERCS quitting Warzone
NICKMERCS’s return Warzone stream didn’t last that long.

Despite leaving Warzone for Apex Legends, Nick occasionally revisits Warzone every now and then. While his interest in the game has dwindled since the introduction of the Pacific update, the banter between his teammates always brings plenty of laughs. 

This was certainly true when TimTheTatman, Cloakzy, and FaZe Nio teamed up for some quads matches. However, amidst the laughs, it was clear that Nick wasn’t having the best of times. 

After getting instantly beamed out of the sky and then losing his gulag match, the streamer was forced to watch as his squad got into constant firefights. “I’m going to go play my own f*cking game man, this is ridiculous. [Nio], you’re sweating your balls off to keep Tim alive, but when I’m f*cking downed, f*ck it right?!” 

Eventually, Nick was brought back and the streamer tried to land on a nearby loadout drop, but as soon as he attempted to get a weapon, an enemy player instantly eliminated him. By this point, the frustration had clearly built up, and NICKMERCS instantly quit out of the game, leaving the voice call and booting up Apex Legends.

Whether Nick will return to Warzone in the future remains to be seen, but for now, it looks as though the streamer is still enjoying his break from the popular battle royale.

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