NICKMERCS praises “incredible” Warzone Pacific map, but still wants one big change

NICKMERCS praises Call of Duty Warzone Pacific mapYouTube: NICKMERCS / Sledgehammer Games

Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff might be finding peace playing Apex Legends, but the Call of Duty favorite is digging the upcoming Warzone map, Pacific. It might even be good enough to bring him back, however he still wants one change to the CoD battle royale.

Warzone Season 5 Reloaded has dropped, and there’s plenty of big anticipation around it.

While Judge Dredd is dropping in among more new content, all eyes are on Call of Duty Vanguard, and the new Pacific map coming as part of the Warzone integration.

It might even be enough to bring NICKMERCS back, if only temporarily.

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The Twitch star, who has been enjoying his last month playing Apex Legends, has no plans to return to Call of Duty permanently. However, for “new stuff” like the Pacific map, he’s keen to jump back in.

“I have always said that they need to make a new map with an island theme, jungley, and bro did they deliver. I haven’t played it, but I saw the pictures and videos and it looks phenomenal,” he said in a September 8 YouTube video.

“I don’t like going back in time, especially to WW2 times, but I’m happy it’s going to be a bit tropical. The map is overall a vibe.

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“I’m having a lot of fun in Apex right now, I don’t think I’ll ever permanently go back to Call of Duty, but I do want to check out the new stuff.”

NICKMERCS even drew comparisons to Apex Legends’ Kings Canyon. The OG map for Respawn’s battle royale has similar “jungle” vibe, something the streamer digs ⁠— just look at his stream background.

“I wanted a jungle, trees and green, and that’s what that map is. That part is exciting, that’s got me a little bit excited for Vanguard not going to lie,” he added.

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NICKMERCS pleads for Warzone ranked to bring back big streamers

However, a new map won’t keep NICKMERCS playing Warzone permanently.

After scratching the competitive itch with Apex Legends ranked, he wants Warzone to implement the same thing in the Vanguard integration.

“If they’re going to be listening to sh*t, then I’ll keep it going ⁠— I’d love some kind of ranked mode, something to grind. That’d be so lit bro. Not League Play, I want a battle royale, just like this [Apex Legends ranked], something to play for.”

It’s an old demand, but as Apex Legends blazes ahead, it could bring Warzone back to the top. It might not bring back all the big guns permanently, but ranked play would be a huge addition to the battle royale.

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After all, anti-cheat is finally on its way, so dreams can come true.