NICKMERCS picks underrated SMG that will dominate Warzone meta

Connor Bennett
Nickmercs in a faze hoodie alongside warzone character running with an SMG

FaZe Clan’s Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff believes that there is an underrated SMG in Warzone that is just waiting to break out and should become a top choice in the future. 

For the past year, Warzone players have been switching up their favorite weapons based on the ever-changing meta. The battle royale has gone from being dominated by thermal scopes at long range, to weapons that aim in as fast as possible at close range. 

Raven Software have been trying to keep things balanced with updates, with the most recent set of changes coming on May 7 – finally nerfing the AMAX and Street Sweeper. 

Amongst those changes, the Bullfrog SMG saw it’s maximum damage output take a slight hit, but its max damage range, move speed, and sprint out speed were buffed. And it’s a weapon that NICKMERCS has taken a shine to.

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Warzone’s meta is constantly shifting with every update to the game.

During his May 8 video, the FaZe Clan co-owner was rocking the SMG and made some claims about just how it should start becoming a focal point within the Warzone meta as Season 3 progresses. 

“After the recent changes, all those patch notes, they kind of buffed the Bullfrog but they also kind of kept it the same, a little bit weird, some different things going on with the Bullfrog,” Nick said about the changes before praising the SMG.

“Honestly, I think this is going to be one of the main guns that people are running going forward in Warzone. It’s got a great time-to-kill, it’s quick, the movement speed is ridiculous, and it’s really easy to use – especially with aim assist!”

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Nick further states that there are plenty of “viable options” when it comes to using SMGs in Warzone these days, but the Bullfrog, right now, lags behind some of the other choices when it comes to pick rate.

According to stats from WZRanked, the Bullfrog comes in as the 12th most-used weapon in the battle royale, and sits as the fourth most-used SMG behind the MAC-10, LC10, and MP5, with an overall pick rate of 3.0%.

So, it remains to be seen if Nick is right, and if the Bullfrog will start to get some more love in Warzone as we progress through Season 3.