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NICKMERCS picks the only SMG you should use in Warzone Season 6

Published: 12/Oct/2021 10:15

by Connor Bennett


Twitch star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff highlighted what he believes is the “only SMG you should use” in Warzone Season 6, but it’s not quite a dark horse pick. 

While SMGs have always been pretty solid in Warzone, they’ve really risen to prominence in the last few seasons, especially the MAC-10, MP5, and Bullfrog.

With the Warzone Season 6 update, the OTS 9 also started to get some love from players too, with its pick rate steadily climbing and joining the other SMGs inside the top 10 most popular weapons.

Some players have also been trying to find a new ruler for the SMG class, highlighting the AK74-U as an “underutilized” choice and giving the PPSH some love too, but NICKMERCS believes that one of the old faithful choices still ranks way above the rest.


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Warzone’s SMG’s thrive in close quarter gunfights.

In his October 11 highlight video, the FaZe Clan star once again jumped back into Verdansk for a few games alongside TimTheTatman, as well as FaZe partners Nio and Swagg.

The quartet were ripping their way through the opposition, with Nick using the GRAU assault rifle as his main weapon to get knocks. Though, it’s the ‘Regal Sword’ blueprint for the MAC-10 that he was using to clean up the virtual battlefield.

Nick noted that ever since he’s put Apex Legends on the backburner and focused on Warzone, the SMG has been “shredding” for him on the way to some high kill games and plenty of wins.


Now, it’s not exactly a pick out of left field – the MAC-10 still ranks as Warzone’s most popular sub – but its place atop of the SMG mountain has come under threat from others as noted.

While some players may have fallen in love with the OTS 9 thanks to its speed, if Nick says the MAC-10 is still the only choice for him, well, expect to see it reign supreme for a while yet.