NICKMERCS outlines concern for future of Call of Duty: “What are these idiots doing?”

NICKMERCS on stream next to Vanguard character sprintingActivision / Twitch: NICKMERCS

Popular Twitch streamer and former CoD competitive player NICKMERCS has outlined his worries for the future of the Call of Duty series, claiming it hasn’t had a great title since Black Ops 3 and criticizing this year’s title, Vanguard.

The Call of Duty community is undeniably excited for the October launch of Modern Warfare 2, now confirmed to be the series’ latest annual installment.

It is especially anticipated because of the reception Vanguard has received, with many players criticizing the 2021 title for its inconsistency and falling below the high bar past titles have set.

Among them is former Call of Duty competitive player NICKMERCS who, despite being a long-term fan of the franchise and Warzone, has now expressed concerns with the direction the series is heading.

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NICKMERCS questions Call of Duty devs following Vanguard

Speaking on stream, he openly questioned recent developer decisions – like returning to the Cold War and World War II – suggesting that the community is desperate for another futuristic title in the vein of Black Ops 3 or Advanced Warfare.

“There has not been a good Call of Duty in six years,” he said. “Black Ops 3 was the last good one, great one, sorry. You guys are putting that [Modern Warfare 2019] up with the greats? No way, it’s such an average f**king game.”

He then turned his attention to 2021’s Vanguard, criticizing the decision to “go back in time” once again, but also the way it has been tied into Warzone.

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“Bro, what the f*k are we doing? What are these idiots doing [with Vanguard]?” he asked. “Do you remember when they announced the new CoD and how it was gonna tie into the BR and everybody was hyped. And then they announced it was gonna be Vanguard and I went on a big a*s f*king tangent about how if we went back in time how bad this sh*t’s gonna be and here we are. Here we f*king are.”

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There was general agreement with Nick’s take from both Cloakzy and TimTheTatman, although the latter did stick up for Modern Warfare.

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With Modern Warfare 2 now firmly in sight, NICKMERCS – and fans of the series more broadly – are clearly hoping it can return the infamous franchise to its former glories.