NICKMERCS highlights huge XM4 advantage for Warzone controller players

Warzone NICKMERCS XM4 ControllerFaZe Clan / Activision

Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff, Warzone content creator for FaZe Clan, has explained why he thinks the XM4 is better for controller players in Warzone, as opposed to their PC counterparts. 

The XM4, while consistently popular in Black Ops Cold War, has struggled to make a significant and long-term impact in Verdansk. That could be changing though, with Season 4 seeing the XM4 explode in popularity.

The assault rifle’s high damage and fast fire rate make it a monster at close to medium ranges, with many players even beginning to use it as a SMG of sorts.

NICKMERCS has been among those singing the weapon’s praises, but he believes controller players have an advantage while using the Cold War weapon.

XM4 Warzone loadoutActivision / Treyarch
The XM4 is the first AR player unlock in Cold War.

In his July 3 YouTube video, he discussed the changes Raven have made to the XM4, and why pairing it with a Kar98k is the perfect Overkill class. He didn’t discount using the weapon as a keyboard and mouse player, just caveated it by stating the strafe and recoil may me more difficult to operate cohesively.

“One of my favorite things about this XM4 class is the mobility,” he said. “I think being a controller player this is one of those times where I have to understand that aim assist works towards the advantage of the weapon. There’s a lot of guns in Warzone that have a good amount of strafe speed.

“So any gun where you’re moving left to right – horizontally, with good strafe speed. Aim assist is gonna be a big part of that.”

He finished: “The XM4 has a lot of strafe speed. So believe me when I tell you this is more so a controller player gun. Now with that being said if you’re a keyboard and mouse player guy you can definitely get away with using this thing, you just gotta be really damn good.”

If you’re struggling for an XM4 loadout, check out our recommended Warzone class loadout. However you choose to run it, it’ll be worth bearing in mind the advice from one of Warzone’s best.