NICKMERCS fires back at fans ‘questioning’ his Warzone creator code

Nickmercs and support a creator code from warzoneFaZe Clan / Infinity Ward

Popular Twitch streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has responded to criticism from Call of Duty fans after he was selected to receive one of the new creator codes for Warzone and Modern Warfare.

Activision revealed that they would be launching a new system for Modern Warfare and Warzone players to support their favorite content creators through in-game purchases.

Similar to Fortnite, this new “Support a Creator” beta allows fans to enter a code of their choice before making a purchase in the store, with a portion of the sale going to creators.

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Fortnite's creator code prompt at item storeEpic Games
Warzone is now introducing a way for players to support their favorite streamers, similar to Fornite’s creator code system.

However, Activision received major backlash as long-time Call of Duty personalities such as Nadeshot, Scump and Pamaj did not receive codes, while other creators who are not particularly known for Call of Duty did.

It seems that NICKMERCS was also a victim of this outrage, as the streaming star made a response on August 28, addressing those who were “questioning” why he received a creator code.

“With how much we give back it’s actually mind-blowing to me that anybody would ever question an MFAM creator code,” Nick explained, responding to some of the criticism that had come his way.

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“Actions speak much louder than words” he continued, “the bottom line is, we always go above and beyond to support whatever community we’re involved in. Don’t forget that.”

Since he started streaming Warzone earlier in the year, NICKMERCS has hosted numerous tournaments with his MFAM Gauntlet series, giving small streamers a chance to shine in front of thousands of new viewers.

While CoD pros have been critical of who has and hasn’t been receiving these codes, YouTuber and NYSL pro Doug ‘Censor’ Martin responded to Nick, claiming that he is doing plenty to help build the Call of Duty community.

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While NICKMERCS’s stream became very popular playing Fortnite, he was previously best known for Search & Destroy streams on Call of Duty titles like Modern Warfare Remastered and Black Ops 3.

Activision has not addressed the criticism over certain creators not getting codes, but, as the system is currently in beta stage, it is likely that more creators will get their own codes soon.

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