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NICKMERCS explains why Warzone’s AMAX needs even more nerfs

Published: 30/May/2021 12:26

by Connor Bennett


Twitch star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff believes Warzone’s AMAX still needs a bigger nerf than its already received, given its still pretty powerful in the battle royale.

The AMAX assault rifle has reigned supreme in Warzone for quite some time, with players repeatedly calling for changes in the hopes of shaking up the meta.

Well, on May 27, Raven Software delivered a long-awaited nerf, tweaking the Headshot multiplier and bringing the rifle more in line with others.

Despite that, plenty of players still swear by their AMAX loadouts and it still ranks as the second most-used weapon in Warzone, per WZRanked. As a result, NICKMERCS believes it needs a few more changes.


The AMAX has finally been nerfed in Warzone.

In his May 29 video, the FaZe Clan star was discussing the recent changes that the AMAX had gone through and explained that while its opened the door for other weapons, the AMAX still reigns supreme.

“If I had to give you my honest opinion, after that nerf, people are still out there using it man. The AMAX, I feel like it’s always going to be a thing,” Nick said.

“Until they really, really nerf it, it’s just kind of going to be a gun that is hard to ignore. The damage and then the mobility, you pair those two things together and unless you hit those two things hard, people are always going to be running around with an AMAX.”


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Nick again noted that some players have moved on from the weapon, and there plenty of “viable” options right now.

He’s never been the biggest lover of the assault rifle anyway, but it is still the king for the most part. So, it remains to be seen if another change is coming.