NICKMERCS explains why the MAC-10 “sadly” could be getting nerfed

MAC-10NICKMERCS / Activision

Call of Duty content creator Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff believes the MAC-10 will get another nerf in Warzone’s next update. Find out what the ever-popular streamer had to say. 

Warzone’s MAC-10 has been wreaking havoc in Warzone since the gun released as part of the Season 1 update. Even after receiving a nerf to the gun’s headshot multiplier, the MAC-10 continues to dominate the competition. The pint-sized SMG boasts a blisteringly fast rate of fire, fantastic mobility, and great hip-fire accuracy. As a result, the majority of Warzone players have gravitated towards using the MAC-10. 

To make matters even worse, Warzone players have found that the MAC-10 Gallantry Blueprint increases the gun’s damage even further. It’s certainly not hard to see why this SMG continues to remain at the top of the meta rankings. However, Call of Duty streamer NICKMERCS believes the MAC-10’s days of domination are almost over.

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Another MAC-10 nerf could be on the way

Warzone gunsmithActivision / Treyarch
The MAC-10 has quickly emerged as the strongest SMG in Warzone.

The MAC-10 is currently the most powerful SMG in Warzone, beating both the MP5 and MP7. If you’re not running a close-quarters class with this gun, then chances are you’ll be beaten by someone who does utilize it. It’s this potency that has led to the MAC-10 receiving a small tweak to its headshot multiplier. 

Of course, this has done little to its competitive viability and NICKMERCS thinks this is only the very beginning of the MAC-10 nerf saga. “The MAC-10 is one of the most enjoyable guns I’ve played with in Warzone. It gives me that Skorpion Black Ops 2 vibe, man, I just love this weapon.” 

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This same sentiment will likely ring true for a lot of Warzone players who prefer to aggressively push their enemies and seek out close-quarters fights. However, there’s no denying how absurdly broken the MAC-10 is. After all, this gun is capable of downing a target in mere seconds. 

As a result, Nick believes the MAC-10 will be joining the DMR 14 in the next round of nerfs. “Sadly, the MAC-10 was a part of that first nerf, which sadly means the MAC-10 is probably going to be a part of the second nerf.”

Usually, when a gun continues to overperform after receiving a nerf, Activision invariably ramps up the pressure. This often results in the targeted weapon dropping off the competitive ladder. “If history tells us anything, that’s how it works,” says Nick. 

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“I’m going to be honest, the DMR I’m totally cool with. But the MAC-10, I’m definitely going to be sad about.” For many Warzone players, the MAC-10 was the first SMG that offered something different outside of the usual MP5 loadouts we’ve seen dominate the game since Warzone release. 

Time will soon tell just how detrimental a possible MAC-10 nerf will be, but for now, this punch SMG continues to be a top pick.