NICKMERCS explains why he avoids Warzone tournaments due to “dirty” players


In a recent stream on Twitch, Nickmercs explained that he avoids newer Warzone tournaments because they are “dirty”, claiming that he knows of players who “drop their K/D” and use cheats like special routers that allow them to get into lower-skilled lobbies.

Cheating in Warzone is one of the hottest topics in the game’s community right now. Between methods allowing players to get into so-called “bot lobbies” to people accusing other streamers of using said methods, one thing for certain right now is that cheating is on the minds of a lot of more-competitive Warzone players.

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Now, popular Warzone streamer Nickmercs has commented on the drama, stating in a clip from a recent livestream that he knows people cheat using a bunch of different methods. Explaining why that’s part of the reason he won’t play in competitive Warzone tournaments anymore.

“There’s a reason why I don’t play in these tournaments anymore,” NICKMERCS said. It has nothing to do with skill. The only reason I don’t play is because they’re dirty. The f*cking tournaments are dirty. They’re all dirty. I’m not saying everybody playing in them is dirty, I’m saying there are people that are allowed to play in these tournaments that are dirty. I don’t wanna have anything to do with them.”

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Cheating in Warzone is a hot topic in the community right now.

The streamer does levy some pretty strong accusations, he doesn’t mention by name exactly who is using these methods or just cheating in general, due to the fact that he “doesn’t care enough” to “call out everybody”.

Beyond that, the streamer also complained about “apps” that provide unverified statistics, more than likely referring to the number of unofficial Warzone companion apps that started cropping up in recent weeks, which have also gained some notable traction within the community.

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“There’s no verification, the math is wrong, they’re not doing it right,” NICKMERCS said.

All in all, it’s understandable why the streamer would be frustrated by these “dirty” tournaments. If certain players truly are cheating and using methods to circumvent SBMM, then that should be dealt with appropriately.

While some YouTubers have been more willing to call out certain players for cheating, until we get a longer form breakdown by a big streamer, it may be a while before we have any answers regarding how many people use these methods.

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