NICKMERCS explains why Advanced Warfare was one of the best CoD’s ever

James Busby
NICKMERCS screenshot with Advanced Warfare soldier
NICKMERCS/Sledgehammer Games

Advanced Warfare is far from being the most popular Call of Duty title, but NICKMERCS has revealed why he fell in love with this futuristic FPS game. 

One of the most popular streamers in Call of Duty, Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff recently discussed his favorite CoD games of all time, but it was his love for Advanced Warfare that surprised his fans the most. This futuristic title prove incredibly divisive when it was released, which was largely down to the Exo suit movement enhancements and sci-fi-themed guns. 

It’s no surprise that the streamer enjoyed the added mobility and speed seen in Advanced Warfare – after all, Nick has often explained how he hates WW2-themed FPS games. However, NICKMERCS believes that AW was one of the best CoD’s ever made, speaking about it during a Twitch stream. 

NICKMERCS on why he loves Advanced Warfare

After his recent return to Warzone, Nick decided to discuss all the previous CoD titles he’s enjoyed over the years. While he was keen to stress how bad Black Ops 4 and Call of Duty WWII were, he did reveal his love for Advanced Warfare. 

“Advanced Warfare was a great game, it really was,” said Nick. “They could have made a whole battle royale around this Exo Suit. What a great, underrated game. The Search and Destroy was incredible, Hardpoint was incredible, and the maps were really good. I really enjoyed this game.” 

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It’s clear Nick has a lot of love for Advanced Warfare and he played the game for a year straight, grinding out tournaments and perfecting his skills. “We won hundreds of tournaments playing this sh*t,” the streamer explained. “Half of you weren’t even here and didn’t know who I was, but we were dominating.”

The added verticality and speed offered from the Exo Suit weren’t for everyone, but it’s clear NICKMERCS prefers shooters with fluid movement options. This is partly why he enjoys Apex Legends over any other battle royale game

Whether Call of Duty 2024 will take us back to the futuristic gunfights seen in Advanced Warfare remains to be seen, but for Nick, this would certainly be a welcomed return.