NICKMERCS explains how Warzone’s DMR is a bigger problem than you might think

. 2 years ago
Warzone gameplay with NICKMERCS
Activision / YouTube: NICKMERCS

The DMR 14 has well and truly taken over Warzone as the ‘must-pick’ gun of choice, but Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff believes the problem with the current meta runs much deeper than just this one weapon.

Since the latest balancing update went through, it’s safe to say that almost every game has been dominated by the DMR. It can deal an extraordinary amount of damage in the blink of an eye, making it the standout weapon of Season One.

With practically every single player using it, “if you don’t have one, you’re gonna get bopped by one,” NICKMERCS joked. If you can’t find one, get off the game. It took over the entire meta of Warzone.”

While a fix might seem as simple as just toning things down a bit and reducing its power, there’s a deeper problem with the state of balance in Warzone, according to one of its most popular players.

Warzone DMR 14
The DMR 14 has become the go-to primary weapon in Warzone.

After a relatively stagnant meta before Black Ops Cold War’s weapons were added to the mix, the community was desperate for something new. “We wanted them to shake things up a bit,” NICKMERCS acknowledged. “And they did… this DMR is unbelievable.”

The weapon has taken over to a frustrating extent.

“Everyone is using it. It’s officially DMRzone,” he continued. Similar to other meta-defining weapons of previous seasons, a simple tweak could take it out of rotation. At least, that’s what you’d think. NICKMERCS believes the latest issues run deeper than that, however.

“The one really big reason as to why this is a problem… if they end up patching this thing, everyone’s gonna jump over to the Type 63.” Another Tactical Rifle, the Type 63 is nearly identical, just with “a little more recoil,” he explained.

As a result, the current state of balance in Warzone “is not going to change for a while,” according to the popular streamer. Perhaps one way to shake things up instead of nerfing multiple guns, would be to “buff more Cold War guns,” he argued.

“A lot” of the weapons introduced with Black Ops Cold War just “aren’t viable compared to the DMR and the Mac-10.” So with some selective buffs, new weapons could be brought to the foreground as Season One continues.

While the DMR itself is “broken,” it’s clear to NICKMERCS that a single nerf wouldn’t do the trick. As of now, there’s no telling how long we’ll be in this tac-rifle meta before a big shift in Warzone.

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