NICKMERCS claims Warzone devs will never fix hacking & cheating issues

Connor Bennett
Nickmercs side by side with ghost in warzone

YouTube and Twitch star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff doesn’t believe that the Warzone devs can get the rampant hacking and cheating issues sorted out as more problems have cropped up. 

Ever since Warzone was released over a year ago, hackers and cheats have run riot in Verdansk. There’s been everything from god mode cheats to invisibility exploits, and even wackier things like hiding in care packages.

Raven Software and Activision have stepped up and addressed some of the issues with banwaves, but players have called for more. Mainly, they want a better anti-cheat moving forward.

Will they get that though? Well, NICKMERCS doesn’t believe so, even though he hopes that Activision realizes how bad things have gotten and makes a change.

Warzone train line
Despite Warzone’s popularity, hackers and cheats still run riot in Verdansk.

In his March 15 video, the FaZe Clan star said that Warzone was “broken” thanks to cheaters being able to end games, though, that has been addressed by the devs. However, he did make a wider point about cheaters.

“This is obviously a serious problem,” said Nick, referring back to the now-patched issue. “They clearly don’t have the means to fix this hacking thing in general,” he said, noting that devs have made “some improvements across the board” given that there have been ban waves rolling out to take down hackers.

“Man, I really do hope that we see a day somewhere down the line where Activision invests into their game, they’re a multi-billion dollar company, they gotta have a little jing-a-ling laying around to do what they need to do to get this job done,” Nick added. “I hope we see that day. Do I think we’re going to? Absolutely not. Why? I have no idea. It can’t be that expensive, but apparently, it is.”

As noted, some steps have been taken to address the cheating issues, but when one cheater is taken down, a few appear in their place.

A better anti-cheat would no doubt curb some of the issues, but that would take some time to implement.We’ll just have to wait and see if anything further happens.