NICKMERCS claims new Fortune’s Keep map in Warzone is already better than Caldera

. 6 days ago
NICKMERCS playing Warzone on Fortune's Keep map
YouTube: NICKMERCS / Activision

Months after parting ways with the Call of Duty battle royale, Twitch star NICKMERCS just made his return to Warzone amid the Season 4 update and instantly took a liking to the new Fortune’s Keep map, quickly labeling it a cut above Caldera.

Despite being one of the faces of the Warzone scene during its peak, NICKMERCS has mostly steered clear of the CoD BR since its jump to the Pacific at the tail end of 2021.

Outside of a few brief stints and rapid rage quits, the MFAM leader has instead spent his time climbing the ranks on Apex Legends in recent months. That all changed on June 22 when the popular streamer finally dropped back into Warzone once more to explore the Season 4 content drop.

Diving head-first into the new Fortune’s Keep map, it was only a matter of time until NICKMERCS felt that spark once again and “actually [had] fun” the way he “used to” in Warzone.

“I’m back,” NICKMERCS joked in the lobby screen just seconds after winning his first game on the new map with 12 kills in total. Almost immediately, the streamer had found his footing and returned to his old ways with some familiar faces in TimTheTatman and Cloakzy.

Contributing to the positive vibes was the sunny backdrop of Fortune’s Keep which he quickly warmed up to. Thanks to its “dynamic” layout, vibrant “Italian theme”, and even some “parkour potential”, Nick took a liking to the fresh map.

“This new map’s way better than the old one,” he said. “I love the new map. On a 1-10 [rating]? I give it like an eight or a nine. I really enjoy it.”

Whether it’ll be enough to get Warzone back in his daily rotation on Twitch, remains to be seen. But Fortune’s Keep is definitely off to a strong start in his eyes.

cod warzone winery season 4
NICKMERCS immediately took to Fortune’s Keep, winning a handful of high-kill games upon his Warzone return.

“That sh*t was actually fun man,” NICKMERCS said after a five-hour session with Warzone, his longest in almost as many months. “That’s how it used to go for us.”

With Warzone 2 also piquing his interest for a bigger return later this year, perhaps Fortune’s Keep is just the start of a rebound for the once-flourishing CoD BR. 

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