NICKMERCS calls on Warzone devs to make better map changes and more POIs


Warzone’s Season 3 Reloaded update added several new POIs to the game, but Call of Duty content creator Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff wants to see even more POIs and map changes in the future. 

The Season 3 Reloaded update brought with it plenty of new content for fans to sink their teeth into. While the new AMP63 and the Power Grab LTM have proven popular among players, one of the biggest changes has been the addition of Nakatomi Plaza. This massive skyscraper stands 490 feet tall and has replaced the Broadcast Tower in Downtown, giving Die Hard fans a new hotspot to duke it out when they drop into Downtown. 

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Unlike other battle royale titles, Warzone’s Verdansk hasn’t changed all that much since its release. In fact, even the introduction of Verdansk 84 featured very few impactful differences from the original. While Rebirth Island may have helped alleviate the lack of new content, many players had hoped that a completely new map would have been brought to the game. As always, Nick has given his honest opinion on this much-requested addition.

Nakatomi PlazaActivision
Nakatomi Plaza is one of the biggest POI updates to come to Warzone.

Following on from the recent leak that revealed the unreleased Warzone Ural Mountains map, many players have been questioning why Activision has yet to release a completely new map. After all, plenty of other successful battle royale games feature multiple battlegrounds for players to drop into. 

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“The biggest issue with the brand new map is if they put something out and they swing and miss, that’s bad, that’s horrible,” says Nick. “We’ve seen other games do this, it could ruin the game completely.” The Call of Duty streamer has a right to be concerned, especially given how slow the developers have been to fix issues that have plagued Warzone since release. 

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There’s obviously less risk involved when adding in new POIs and features to Verdansk, but these changes have often been very small. This is particularly true when compared to the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends

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“In my opinion, I really like the addition of the Die Hard plaza. I thought it was great, I loved the Specialist and the vault. If they keep doing things like that, I’m in,” says Nick. Not only do larger POI changes like Nakatomi Plaza give players exciting content to look forward to, but they also help Verdansk become a living breathing place that constantly evolves along with the playerbase. 

“If [the map changes] are few and far between and we have to wait weeks, and weeks, and months on end — for one building and a vault, I’m not on board for all that. I’m already programmed, I’m impatient.” The map changes have certainly been slow to roll out, but Nick hopes that future POIs will be as significant as Nakatomi Plaza. 

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