Call of Duty

NFL Star Clay Matthews joins the CoD Nation with hilarious trailer

by Vincent Genova


Call of Duty has released a new promo video for Black Ops 4 that features Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews.


The video, part of the #CODNATION series, offers a more humorous take to advertisements than we are used to seeing in the lead up to a CoD title.

The Clay Matthews edition references the amount of penalties called in the NFL this season.


The NFL has tried to protect quarterbacks by calling more roughing the passer penalties in 2018, much to the dismay of players like Matthews.

He has had three such penalties called on him this season, prompting the NFL star to openly question the way referees are calling the game.


Matthews is the second NFL player to feature in the #CODNATION campaign, following Denver Broncos defender Von Miller.

The campaign started with rapper Post Malone and has continued to produce meme worthy content in the run up to the launch of Black Ops 4 on October 12.