New York Subliners reveal new CDL 2021 “Deadass” calling card

Theo Salaun
New York Subliners
Call of Duty League / Pexels, David Skyrius

The New York Subliners have officially announced an upcoming “Deadass” calling card, commemorating the Call of Duty League’s 2021 season and New York City’s patented slogan.

New Yorkers often seem to speak their own language. The concrete jungle possesses a unique breed of linguistics that defies conventional tropes. And, fittingly, the CDL’s New York team is reflecting that in an upcoming Calling Card.

Like a number of CDL cosmetics across Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, and Modern Warfare, the Subliners’ “Deadass” Calling Card will likely be available throughout CoD’s various titles. That’s exciting for New Yorkers, but also for other cities’ fans — as this reveal suggests more team Calling Cards could be on the way.

New York, quite literally, announced the upcoming addition on Twitter, with a series of the city’s citizens saying the now-iconic word. While they were filmed saying it around Manhattan’s Union Square, players will soon be able to represent it throughout Verdansk and Nuketown.

NYSL “Deadass” calling card: release date & how to get

The Calling Card will be made available on May 11 at 1 p.m. ET and fans will be able to log into  the Call of Duty store to secure it. That store is available in each of the franchise’s titles, as players simply need to scroll down to the “Franchise Store” section to find it.

At the moment, it is unclear how much the cosmetic will cost or if it will be part of another bundle.

Like CoD’s “Ego Chall” and “Turn Me Up” cosmetics, this one is exciting because it reflects slang tied directly to a community. Now, CDL fans simply have to wonder if this announcement means that other city-specific cosmetics are coming to their favorite games.

Will there be more CDL 2021 team cosmetics?

ATL Faze team bundle in Modern Warfare.
Teams already have a nice amount of cosmetics, but more could be en route.

In the past, CDL teams have received cosmetics in bundles — with each team getting their own skins, camos, and signature stickers. Similarly, CDL Champs received an entire array of cosmetics solely for the event.

With that in mind, it’s likely that this announcement will be followed by similar announcements of city-specific cosmetics. 

There has been no official word on other upcoming CDL cosmetics as of yet, but you can be sure that fans will be eager to find out more — especially if they’re all unique to their cities.