New Warzone monitor cam hack makes streaming with cheats even easier

Warzone operator using a droneActivision

A new Warzone hack has been discovered that makes hiding cheats when streaming much more reliable, helping players hide their gameplay from further scrutiny. 

While Warzone’s Ricochet anti-cheat has helped to alleviate some of the game’s cheating problems, there are still those that managed to slip through the net. In fact, cheaters have been known to stream their hacks to large audiences, often even going as far as to show their hacks off live. 

Of course, not everyone wishes to be so brazen when it comes to cheating, particularly those who wish to avoid any bans. It’s not uncommon for cheaters to great lengths to hide their hacks from prying eyes. Well, one advanced cheat now makes this process even easier, baffling viewers by its absurdity. 

Hacking Call of Duty streamers are evolving

If the in-depth aimbot hacks that enable players to adjust which bodyparts their bullets hit weren’t bad enough, this new hack certainly takes the first-place prize. The video below shows how one hacker has put an overlay over their monitor camera footage, which hides their actual on-screen actions. 

This essentially means hackers can freely use their cheats when streaming, giving the appearance of legitimacy. Viewers will only see what the cheaters want them to see, which greatly reduces them being reported by those watching. 

The hack is so believable that it’s only when the user puts their hands through the screen that all is revealed. Of course, these cheaters can still be reported in-game when their aim and general gameplay are suspicious, but it does make it harder to tell when streaming. 

Obviously, this once again undermines legitimate Warzone streamers who don’t use hacks to gain an unfair advantage. With the constant slew of hackusations being thrown around, it looks like things could get even worse for talented players.