New train coming to Warzone map in Season 5 – how will it work?

Albert Petrosyan
Infinity Ward

The upcoming Season 5 of Modern Warfare and Warzone will be introducing an all-new train to the battle royale map, and here’s everything we know so far as to how it’ll work.

With Season 5 set to kick off on August 5, Activision and developers Infinity Ward are starting to reveal more and more about what’s coming next in Modern Warfare’s fifth chapter.

The new trailer gave fans a good glimpse of what to expect in terms of new content, one of which was a change to Warzone that’ll add a moving train to the map.

In the video, the train can be seen riding throughout Verdanks, carrying both equipment and people. At one point, a player appears to return from the gulag and gun down his would-be assailant(s), confirming that you will be able to ride the vehicle.

(Segment begins at 0:26 mark)

How will it work?

We won’t know the exact specifics of the train until Season 5 fully launches, but the trailer and leaks from other sources give us a good idea of how it’ll function.

For one, it appears to be riding throughout the map, which means players will be able to use it to not only get around Verdansk a lot more quickly but also play more aggressively as well, which should only make the fan-favorite ‘bot race’ Warzone tournaments even more popular.

Secondly, it’s almost definitely going to carry loot, probably including high-tier items, which will make landing on it or trying to ride it a high risk/high reward decision. This is not only from the video, but also according to an earlier leak from prominent dataminers ‘ModernWarzone.’

Also, the trailer made it clear that the train will be as close to an unstoppable force as you can get. At one point, it runs straight through a jeep that’s attempting to cross the tracks last-second, destroying the vehicle and presumably downing everyone inside it.

So, keep that in mind if you’re thinking about attempting some daredevil tricks with the train around.

Infinity Ward
The new Warzone train will destroy anything in it’s path, so watch out!

Parallels with Apex Legends

Fans of Apex Legends will instantly recognize this new change as being very similar to when Respawn Entertainment did the same to their then-new map, World’s Edge, back in October of 2019.

Just like now in Warzone, the Apex devs added a train that carried prized loot and offered players a way to get around the map swiftly. In terms of how successful it’s been, most players would probably call it a good feature, one that changes how the game can be played but doesn’t dominate the meta.

So it’s not hard to see where Infinity Ward got the inspiration for this from, but that said, however, only time will tell whether it’ll be a successful change or not.

Respawn Entertainment

Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 5 will launch on Wednesday, August 5 (11 PM on Aug 4) on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.