Call of Duty

New 'Heist' Multiplayer Mode Will Feature in Weekend Two of Black Ops 4 Private Beta - Details and Gameplay

by Albert Petrosyan


Treyarch has introduced a brand new Multiplayer mode that will feature in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Called 'Heist,' the new mode is unique in its aspects and will be playable in Weekend Two of the BO4 Private Beta from August 10-13.


The premise of Heist is simple - there are two teams who are both trying to grab the 'bag of cash' and get it to an extraction site, where a helicopter will arrive to extract it.

The team that stays alive in this process and gets their bag of cash extracted, wins the round.


The important things to note for this mode is that there are no attackers or defenders, there is just a neutral objective which is the bag of cash that both teams will have to try and extract.

While each player will be afforded just a single life each round, there is the ability for teammates to revive each other once one of them goes down.

"So when a player takes fatal damage, they are going to go into a "bleed out" stage, and you're  going to have the chance to revive teammates."


Perhaps the most important aspect of this new game mode is that it is completely "self contained," which means that all of the weapons, perks, scorestreaks, gear, and other loadout items must be earned within that specific session to be used.

These weapons and other items can be unlocked by spending the cash that each team has managed to extract; the more cash extracted the better weapons each player can afford.

This means all players, regardless of their Level or weapon progression, will be at even footing when playing Heist.