Call of Duty

New Hacienda Map now Live in the Black Ops 4 Beta, plus Double XP and a New Level Cap

by Vincent Genova


The Black Ops 4 Beta has received a new map for its second weekend, bringing the total map count up to six.

The beta also has a host of other changes coming, including a new level cap and Double XP.


Treyarch revealed the new Hacienda map on August 9 and now it is available to play on all platforms.

The map takes place on a sprawling estate with a sunset color palette rarely seen in Call of Duty games.


Hacienda was shown off in a match of Control during a Treyarch preview stream.

The official description of Hacienda is as follows:

A lavish vineyard estate situated on a quiet lake in the Spanish countryside, home to a high-ranking crime syndicate boss.

In addition to the new map, the level cap has been raised for the final time, up to level 40.

Players who hit Level 40 in the beta will be rewarded with a permanent unlock token to spend when Black Ops 4 launches in October.


Xbox and PC users who only got one weekend of playing will be happy to hear that Double XP has been turned on.

Unlike the first weekend on PS4 that only featured Double Weapon XP, Double XP and Double Weapon XP is live on all platforms.