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New CoD Mobile map and modes finally coming in Season 6 update

Published: 26/Apr/2020 14:01 Updated: 26/Apr/2020 18:49

by Connor Bennett


Activision has revealed what is coming in the next big CoD Mobile update – with the addition of a long-awaited map and potentially some new game modes.

As CoD Mobile takes some of the best weapons, maps, and modes from Call of Duty’s of the past, the developers aren’t handcuffed to one particular setting or storyline. That’s why it has maps like Crash and Standoff in the same map pool, even though they’re from CoD 4 and Black Ops 2.

With fans gearing up for the next big update, speculating about what is coming next, the developers have finally revealed what they can look forward to – including the addition of a map they’ve been teasing for some time.


CoD Mobile has combined some of the most popular Call of Duty titles ever.

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Rust confirmed for CoD Mobile

On April 25, in their newest community update, Activision revealed that Rust would finally be added to CoD Mobile once the all-new update goes live. The iconic Modern Warfare map had been teased on April 12 – with it not taking all that long for fans to figure out the cryptic clues. 

However, it won’t be the original Modern Warfare 2 version of Rust that fans had been hoping for. Instead, it will be the updated map that is currently being used in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. 

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Rust was being tested in CoD Mobile’s test server along with Kill Confirmed, Capture The Flag, and a one-on-one map called Saloon. These should also make it into the next update.


Aside from that, there are changes to way bundles, crates, and lucky draws work. These will now all be packaged together. However, they will offer different content and what had been released in them previously, may no longer be included.

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Though they haven’t yet confirmed the date for the new update, the in-game battle pass ends on Friday, May 1 – so it should be released then. 

If anything changes, however, make sure that you keep eyes on Dexerto for all the latest news and updates.