Call of Duty

NAMELESS Responds to Backlash After Switching CoD Cast VoD to Subscriber Only

by Ross Deason


Retired Call of Duty pro Anthony ‘NAMELESS’ Wheeler has responded to criticism about his decision to make future Twitch VoDs of the CoD Cast only available to subscribers.

Formerly of Evil Geniuses, NAMELESS made the decision to retire from competing after he was dropped from the team following a sub-par first season in the CWL Pro League.


Since becoming teamless, the veteran player has been running a regular podcast, called the CoD Cast, which focuses on the competitive Call of Duty scene and attempts to increase the amount of content available for fans.

The show airs live on is Twitch channel and is usually uploaded to YouTube by the next morning. The VoD was also instantly available on Twitch until NAMELESS made the decision on May 9th to make that a feature that is only available to subscribers.


As someone who has been able to do virtually no wrong in the eyes of the community since starting the CoD Cast, this decision was the first time that NAMELESS has received backlash as numerous fans complained about the decision and said it was a step in the wrong direction.

However, NAMELESS has some very good reasons for making the decision as he laid out in a response to a Reddit thread on the subject:


A number of fans have already responded to NAMELESS’ explanation to say that they now understand his decision and will support it going forward.

The only criticism that persists is that the CoD Cast tends to air so late that fans in Europe have no chance of catching it live and will then have to wait for 12 hours in order to watch it.

NAMELESS has aleady addressed this issue, though, saying that he will be moving the start time of the show forward by three hours for all future episodes.