NAMELESS appears to throw shade at FaZe Clan over new signing


Former Call of Duty pro Anthony ‘NAMELESS’ Wheeler may have taken another shot at FaZe Clan’s new signing Cellium.

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NAMELESS had a storied career as a Call of Duty player, but switched over to the analysts desk mid-way through the WW2 competitive season.

The retired pro has been a huge success as an analyst for the Call of Duty World League, bringing his valuable playing experience and insight to matches. However, like almost every single retired player of basketball, baseball, football, soccer, tennis, or any other sport or esport, NAMELESS decided to point out the easier life of young players today.

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FaZe Clan officially confirmed the signing of Cellium on December 22 and NAMELESS immediately tweeted an image with the word “blessed,” seemingly a comment on how fortunate Cellium is to go from an online am to FaZe immediately after turning 18.

Cellium was known as one of the top Call of Duty players under the age of 18, but traditionally new players have to prove themselves to huge organizations through LAN performances at major events. The success of Dashy, Temp, TJHaly, Huke and others is leading to a change, with teams starting to realize young talent may be ready for the main stage earlier then anticipated.

This was not the first time NAMELESS pointed out the differences between young players today compared to when he was new on the scene. “Back in the day, you had to prove yourself before getting on a Tier 1 org and playing with elite players,” NAMELESS said in a Tweet. “Nowadays, you just have to fry online and be available. Crazy how times change.” 

Although he did not mention any names, the tweet was sent around the time rumors first surfaced of FaZe dropping Methodz for Cellium.

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FaZe’s first event with the new roster will be the massively important CWL Pro League Play-in, which determines the CWL Pro teams for the entire Black Ops 4 season. NAMELESS will most likely be on the desk with a Cellium take you will not want to miss. 

The CWL Pro League Play-in event begins on January 16.