Nadia believes Warzone 2 should have Resurgence map at launch

Nadia in Twitch streamActivision

Warzone streamer Nadia has said that she believes Warzone 2 should launch with a small Resurgence map alongside Al Mazrah, given how popular the game mode has become.

Call of Duty grew to even greater heights when Warzone first launched in 2020, becoming one of the most popular games worldwide with millions of players from all different other games opting to drop into Verdansk.

The game became even more popular after it first implemented Rebirth Island into the game, an integration of Black Ops Cold War with a new small map, and the Resurgence mode that saw players able to respawn and fly back in at their opponents.

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Warzone devs Raven Software added to that in 2022 when they introduced another Resurgence map to the game in Fortune’s Keep.

However, after leaks hinted that Warzone 2 wouldn’t launch with a Resurgence map and would instead bring one midway through 2023, Nadia has made her thoughts known.

After fellow content creator FaZe Swagg asked whether Warzone 2 should come with a Resurgence mode, Nadia was very quick to respond with a simple “yes.”

She expanded: “I feel like, because of what Resurgence did for this game, it did a lot, honestly. A lot of people didn’t like Caldera. Look how many switched over to Rebirth. Even me, I did that. I didn’t like Caldera and I switched to Rebirth.

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“But I feel like they won’t because they want people to play the new map, which I understand too.”

Timestamp 8:47

These small Resurgence maps have definitely become incredibly popular among Call of Duty players, especially as Caldera replaced Verdansk and the map wasn’t quite as beloved.

While it does seem unlikely that Warzone 2 will come with a Resurgence map alongside Al Mazrah, if the reception is worse than it was for Caldera, they may well look to speed up the development process of their planned smaller map to try to appease players.

But, only time will tell on that, as Warzone 2 launches on November 16.

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