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Nadeshot’s Halloween costume is a blast from the past

Published: 1/Nov/2018 1:36 Updated: 1/Nov/2018 1:37

by Albert Petrosyan


Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag decided to look into his past for inspiration when choosing his Halloween costume for this year.

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The 100 Thieves CEO’s costume of choice was a blast from the past, as he decided to don his old OpTic Gaming jersey for this year’s Halloween celebration. 

Nadeshot proudly displayed his old jersey live on his stream, wishing “Happy Halloween” to his viewers with a big smile on his face.

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The jersey appears to be the final one he wore prior to retiring from competitive Call of Duty, which would have been at the 2015 CoD Champs, where he and his OpTic squad infamously placed 7th. 


However, the jersey fits him now just as well as it did back then, and seeing Nadeshot in the green and white threw many of his viewers and some on social media into a spiral of nostalgia.

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Prior to retiring and creating 100 Thieves, Nadeshot captained OpTic Gaming for several years, establishing himself as a household name among the competitive CoD community.

During his time with the Green Wall, he won several major tournaments, including CoD XP in 2011 and the MLG X Games Invitational in 2014.

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It seems as though OpTic Gaming have become a trend this Halloween, as eUnited and current OpTic captain Seth ‘Scump’ Abner were involved in a verbal altercation on Twitter earlier in the day after the org roasted OpTic for their poor placement at 2018 CWL Champs.


Later on, Team Envy’s Justin ‘SiLLY’ Fargo posted an image of three tombstones, all with the OpTic logo on them, to represent all of the seasons in which his teammate Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price eliminated them from Champs. 

However, unlike those situations, Nadeshot wearing his old OpTic jersey on stream for Halloween is likely a much good-humored and sentimental decision rather than malicious. 

Despite 100 Thieves and OpTic Gaming being rivals, Nadeshot and OpTic CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez remain good friends and hold strong mutual respect for each other.